Saturday, May 15, 2010


If you accept that music, art and media are effected by the environment in which they were created, then the quantum shifts caused by technology and the net are changing not just the way art is consumed, but also how it is created and the perspective of the creators. That's the premise explored in the forthcoming documentary PressPausePlay. According to the film's web site:

Technology Immitter

Immitter is a new Internet Music Transmitter site. It was recently demo'ed by its CEO at a major conference in Los Angeles and is in alpha as we speak.

It is a first look at the future of new media for music.  Immitter (i′mid·…ôr) is the first radio that any musician can contribute to and any listener can influence - A Social Radio. Look for the official launch in 2010. Here's a quick lighthearted explanation mocking the "plain english" series.!/video/video.php?v=560864775783&subj=45201456

Renew the Face of the Earth

Lord Send out Your Spirit In commemoration of the completion of the Year of St. Paul! Check out for higher resolution versions!