Friday, May 22, 2009

Spread the Joy

Rarely do I get EXCITED about a Youtube video, but this is a wonderful video that you need to take 5 minutes and watch!

Mike Strickland wrote a song and his wife hired an animator
because she wanted to tell the story of Mike writing the song in a simple
line art animation. They hooked up with a talented animator and kept at
it here and there between their usual work schedules and finally got it
done. The biggest challenge was getting Mike to finish the mix on the
song because he kept thinking he wanted to add this or that and
definitely wanted a choir on it so that took a bit of doing. After it
was done she posted it on youtube and then in March of this year ABC Good
Morning America saw it and used it in a story they did on
"brightsiding". They had not known we were "brightsiders". The video is

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