Monday, September 22, 2014

Grasshopper or giant

Giant or grasshopper? Hero or silent in the background? Step up or back? Confident or passive?

These are the beginning questions as of late last night and this morning.

A new day has begun, and the Lord has me in the bootcamp of the physically wounded, the psychologically and emotionally worn, and the spiritually challenged. Now is the time to slowly and effectively re-train. Do you sometimes find yourself in the Lord's bootcamp? It's a good place for now.

A therapy of the body, mind and soul. If you have ever gone through physical therapy, you know that it is hard work, and painful, with fits of progress and then none. These others therapies are also like this.

So if you are in this bootcamp, let me know. Maybe we can help each other's training come along a bit.

We continue :-)

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